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This standalone expansion to the game Infamous Second Son was very well received by the public. It gave players of the popular game a chance to look back and play as the Neon powered conduit ‘Fetch’, giving more detail on her backstory; focusing on the relationship with her brother and why she had such hate for drug dealers within the game.

First Light came with all the bonuses of being the supercharged Fetch and having her limitless power of speed (while leaving an awesome neon trail behind you), with certain spots in the city where you could boost to incredible speeds. However the downside to the fact that you were limited to one kind of power as opposed to Delsin’s four within Second Son. The game makes up for this by making the neon look more defined and stronger, you could slow down time permanently in fights if you were quick enough on the trigger and the melee was incredibly satisfying  Yet the enemies feel a bit weaker in comparison since you had less to work with as none of the powers seemed to be overly different from Delsin’s absorbed ones.

Fetch was definitely a favourite character within the story of the main game and whether you were good or evil, you could immediately identify her as a usual antagonist who is on a quest for revenge and looking for ways to get it. The DLC explains almost everything you’d need to know about Fetch and how she became so crazed about killing certain people and was done in a very clever way, leading from how she was put into Curdun Cay and what she had to do in her time there for Augustine.

The downside to this DLC was that it had very little replayability value, apart from the story and the extra Challenges (where you could practice your powers and compete fo high scores), it doesn’t seem like there’s any need to go back and play it, instead you could always go back to being Delsin and go blow stuff up with 4 different powers and feel more powerful than Fetch ever could be.


The story was a great deal of fun and gave a good deal of backstory while providing immersive combat. But you were never able to feel as strong as you could in the original game, taking away some of the enjoyability. It’s a fun few hours of play yet once you finished it there was very little reason to play it again.