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This tear jerking game has finally come to a fantastic conclusion, from the first episode released in December 2013 to the 5th and final episode released August 2014. This episodic adventure continued the story from the beginning season released in 2012 which was incredibly popular and has led the companies signature style to create other games such as The Wolf Among Us and the upcoming Tales of the Borderlands.

After such a dramatic and powerful finish to the first season of TWD (The Walking Dead) the company had a lot to live up to, leaving such a powerful cliffhanger with everyone wondering what would happen to Clementine.
This season has shown Clem being forced to look after herself around new survivors, seeing old faces, and continue to make incredibly difficult decisions with plenty of tense moments, causing the player to doubt themselves at every turn, whether they made the right choice or not. By being in Clementines shoes, it creates tenser moments as you’re still just a child in a world fraught with danger.

This game absolutely lived up to the hype that was expected of it. In the first 15 minutes you’ll find youself heartbroken and realise that even though you’re alone and stranded in this brutal world, the moral dilemma’s which you’ll face will constantly test the way you think and the choices will shape the person you are.

Breaks between each episode did become tedious, a 9 month spread between all 5 episodes is a long time, its understandable that Telltale wished to make a truly gripping game (which they indeed did) and every time an episode was finished it left people hyped for the next. But it became frustrating due to the long waits. They did have The Wolf Among Us alongside the episode releases, but even so, players were left waiting annoying periods of time between releases. Telltale should have set specific times and deadlines before releasing the first episode to keep a constant flow of play. It would be much better for players to wait until all episodes are out, then they can play them all whenever they feel and not be pressured to wait months until the next one.

Even with all the time players had to wait, the game went in a much more correct direction than the first season release. The undead weren’t the only enemy within the game and gave the players an enemy worse than the walkers, Carver. He also gave players certain choices which wouldn’t so much affect gameplay as put the player down a darker path. This was both good and bad as the players always felt the pressure was on their shoulders and even the characters in the game would always look towards Clementine to make the tough calls, which would work with Lee, but when you’re having fully grown men such as Kenny look to Clem for answers it feels wrong, yet it was never going to be avoided as she was the main character.

Many of the action sequences in the game were much more defined than in the first, within the first season sometimes the buttons didn’t react and the controls were unresponsive in the game, even causing players to miss chance for a voice option and the movement sometimes jutted when moving around in 3rd person as Lee. This was much improved within the second season, you didn’t have to press a choice 2-3 times before it was finally inputted.


A very well made continuation from the previous season with some incredibly hard and sometimes barbaric choices which will affect you morally and mentally. The story of the game is one that was thoroughly enjoyable, the first episode dives right back into the harshness of the world. A few bugs were fixed concerning the controls, however there were still a few glitches where the game occasionally crashed in the PC version which wasn’t fixed even after release. There were multiple endings to the game which leaves a lot of intrigue as to how to the game will continue next season.  Even with these glitchy problems and it doesn’t quite match up to the impact of the first season, every minute of this game should have you glued to the screen and is worth grabbing.