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With Book 3 ‘Change’ finally over, the Legend of Korra has become a truly incredible show to watch. After the series conclusion of Book 2 ‘Spirits’, the Avatar had a lot of problems left due to opening the world to the spirits, which has caused disaster throughout the world. However an incredible thing happened, new airbenders were created all across the nations. The anime itself also opens itself up to new bending possibilities such as combusion bending and lava bending. The Avatar finally manages to master all of the elements including metal and shows her true prowess throughout every single episode. It will have you glued to you screen!
This season gave you a true enemy to hate and also admire throughout the season in the form of ‘The Red Lotus’ and Zaheer. The breathtaking fights and emotion spread over the season will have you enjoying every minute. It was great to see Bolin finally get some focus and even some romance with a new airbender Opal. The show seems to be taking a more adult approach, as some of the scenes within the show; such as the murder of the Earth Queen, or P’Li the combustion bender blowing up her own head. Which makes it seem like this programme is definitely no longer for kids.
The show itself feels a lot more serious than The Last Airbender was, even with its struggle against the fire nation for Aang. Korra looks like she’s in much more danger both publicly and with a certain group wanting to kill her. With people coming after her constantly with every intention of killing her, and with Aang, even though he was the last of his kind, you felt that there was no way he could ever die. Yet with Korra, she’s much more of a realistic character who also has such an impatiant and argumentitive side that will constantly endager her. Having to fight 4 main characters whose powers were so strong they had to be jailed in certain places where they had no access to an element they control, and the fact that in the show they are constantly killing people makes it finally look like people want to destroy the avatar permanently. In the series finale, they don’t faff about with long talks and delay the inevitable, they make their point proven they want Korra dead and will do whatever they can, but they still show themselves as sympathetic, strong foes, wanting to do what they believe is best for the people.
At the end of the fantastic finale it leaves you really wondering how everything is going to continue. After such a breathtaking battle between Korra and Zaheer (Who learns the power of flight!!!!). It finally ends with Korra still unable to connect to her past lives, the rebirth to the Air nation, and a new threat has been revealed. It feels like everything has reached a point where the avatar isn’t actually needed in the world anymore.
The next season has a lot to live up to and will leave everyone begging, ‘what is going to happen to Korra next?’