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The Last of Us in undoubtedly an incredible game and gave one of the best experiences possible in 2013. It was filled with fantastic dialogue, a wonderful story, graphics of unequalled proportions and so many feels from start to finish. With such positive reviews, being called game of the year for 2013, everyone wanted to try this PS game on the next generation console and Naughtdog delivered. This means that all PS4 players or other’s who converted to playstation from Xbox after the intial outcome of the Xbox One could enjoy and relish the story and multiplayer again in higher quality definition with less bugs and problems.

The remastered version brought an all round better version of the game, including smoother quality gameplay. It was able to run at a higher framerate than the PS3 version and at a higher quality. Although this wasn’t required it definitely showed the high potential for the PS4 as well, due to its predecessor being out for just under 8 years. Meaning with a more powerful console, the developers were able to make vastly improved quality to the game itself.

When playing the game, the improvements don’t overly stick out to the player or are pushed in their face by the creator, hoping for appreciation. Its little touches of the lighting, changes in the texture of rocks, buildings and trees (and also the main characters) that make you smile at the beauty of it all, even wishing it were real. It was very simple yet incredibly detailled changes that made you wonder just how they captured such perfect emotion in Ellies face or the slight movement in the trees.

The game controller for the PS4 is also much more useful for the game. Touching it both in multiplayer and campaign will allow you easy and quick access to the tool creation (such as shivs or explosives) on the fly, instead of messing around with the start key. You will also find yourself enjoying the noise from the controller, just clicking on your torch or breaking a shelf causing you to jump backwards in panic.

It felt truly wonderful to go back and play this game, even though its been out for a year, the nostalgia all came back when redoing the storyline. You couldn’t help but have an incredible time in this fantastically made game. Going back to the post-apocalyptic world almost made you feel as if you wanted to be there, just by the sheer perfection of everything around you. A nice bonus within the PS4 version was all the downloadable content came nicely packed in the finished version of the game including the Left Behind DLC, which again was also improved by the redefined version of the game.


Words can’t describe what sheer joy can come out of playing this game. Naturally the story is the same as the original, but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment. It could definitely be called an all time favourite and it’s going to leave some fantastic memories. Whether you pick up the first version or the remastered one, you’re in for a treat.