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When Fable was first released in 2004 it was a game that brought both a fantastic RPG element, a great story, and a great divide in morality and consequences, determining how the player would act throughout the campaign. Fable 2 was also wonderful, and Fable 3 had some mixed reviews, with most people believing that it was time for the franchise to wrap up and end. 10 years on and Fable Anniversary was released with a lot of anticipation, a chance to relive that great story in HD. Yet this is where the disappointment is going to begin.


The gameplay for the anniversary edition is absolutely attrocious, within the main menu, the first thing you see in the game! There is no mouse control in the main menu, or any menu’s! For a game made in 2014 this is terrible, and should be expected in a PC port. This leads you to then having to navigate around to find keybindings in the options menu, hoping you could change it to a setup which would make the player feel more comfortable and play how they want. No such luck! The keybindings are unchangable and you can’t do this from the main menu, instead its only possible within the game, and those which you’ve been given are quite uncomfortable. There is however controller support which would be more recommendable than any preset bindings. The inventory menu in the game is absolutely disgusting! The original game Everything just screams lazy work! The mouse support was never added, and instead the company chose to add modding! Its unfathomable as to why the game developers wouldn’t put in such a vital asset, and instead it feels as if they’ve put modding in there instead to have a player improve it themselve’s so the creator doesn’t have to!


Fable Anniversary does indeed have improved the graphics, that can’t be argued. Structures are much more appealing than its predecessor, the faces of the characters are more defined as well as the spells you cast, and the shadow / lighting quality is much better. Yet within the first few minutes of the game, you can still see very undefined textures in certain places on buildings! For a game whose original has been out for 10 years, you would expect much more improved visuals than you’re actually given. Players are being expected to effectively rebuy a game that they’ve played before, so naturally, you’d hope that you’re getting your money’s worth, however it also seems darker and less colourful than Fable (2004) while giving an unpleasant feeling of being uncompleted. It even seems to be the only improvement in the game which is heavily disappointing. It even feels less aesthetically pleasing than Lost Chapters which was brighter and happier and more enjoyable with a sharper focus. Not at all good!


The audio within the game is naturally very similar to its original. But there are tons of bugs within this remake. Within cutscenes, audio will just cut out and cause problems. There have been issues where the screen has completely crashed and the game itself has just shutdown and broken, forcing a reboot. But with crackling in the background, you will sit there constantly being infuriated with this annoying buzzing as you’re busy slaying enemies. It would drive players away from wanting to actually play the game, when theres such huge and obvious problems which were never changed and is disgraceful. This should not be happening from a port remake, it feels like this game has been hashed together as fast as possible with no checks and then thrown out on the shelves.


This remake is very questionable. It feels unnecessary and it’s been made very poorly, with poor rendering. No issue’s from its predecessor OR Lost chapter’s have been seen to, and if anything the game itself is purely worse. The experience from has actually ruined the original fun of the first game. The designer’s have made this game feel sloppy and incomplete. The graphic changes are definitely better, but even they lack justice. The inventory in the game is difficult to navigate with terrible bindings, and the mouse support in the menu’s is pure laziness. The story is the same and still fun but if you want to play a Fable experience then Lost Chapters is a much MUCH better deal for a much cheaper price ($10) as opposed to $35 for this poor remake which doesn’t do the original justice.