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After trying Destiny, I have found it to be a really fun game, and definitely worth playing. It’s very clearly a polished, well designed game that’s very clearly not bad, unless you have a huge grudge against the idea of Halo and CoD creators getting together to create this interesting hybrid. The game follows your natural ‘save the world’ storyline, where you need to protect the last bastion of humanity and help revive the ‘traveller’ while coming across new and intriguing alien artifacts you use to defend earth.

Destiny is a very satisfying game to play, when you’re fighting hordes of enemies either alone or with a friend. It will keep you smiling and on your toes, constantly diving behind cover, backing each other up, and working together to take down some tough bosses on missions. The RPG element of the story when playing as a Guardian, very much gives the Halo effect that players had back in the original series when playing as Master Chief.
I have heard complaints about people saying that it feels like a Halo/Borderlands mix, with the constant change in equipment, and a Halo perspective on gameplay. I wouldn’t argue that this game doesn’t at least feel like it has a blend of these, but it feels like its own game, and shouldn’t be compared to the companies previous products. If you enter the game with the focus that you want something better than Halo and if it doesn’t live up to that then you’re going to ruin the game for yourself. Instead you should focus on the immersive combat and gameplay, and it’s always fun to switch up new gear and have fun destroying your enemies with a variety of skills and guns.

The class system of the game was very well done! I wish there had been maybe a couple more to play around with, but the 3 that you have (Titan, Hunter, Warlock) are all well designed and give you plenty of powers to mess around with. The warlock was particularly fun, when playing with shields and grenades that opened up blackholes, sucking up your enemies. It gave the player a lot of choice and how they would play the game according to their own style. This definitely made the game more enjoyable, as it felt a lot of effort had gone into this, it was also cool to look at other players in different areas and compare yourself, just wanting to be as strong as level 20+ who just fly through levels throwing out a barrage of powers and annihilating anything in their way.

There is plenty to explore and play within the storyline and sidequests, yet it does become unfortunately repetitive. While playing you will find yourself repeating the same content over and over again, and unless Bungie keeps on pumping out new DLC then I think that this game itself will slowly fall off the wagon.
A lot of gamers feel that it has become overhyped and upon asking both PS4 and Xbox360 players about what they think of the game, they didn’t regret buying it at all, and were determined to play the whole game, however, once they’d reached mid level (8-10) they felt that nothing was really happening, that the world wasn’t on their shoulders (in comparison to a game such as Mass Effect), and when making a brand new universe and trying to open up players to a new collaberative game they should have explored more with the details and lore of all the worlds out there, rather than making the game feel a bit linear. Even so, the visuals of the game are beyond stunning. In the first area (after the prologue), I found myself staring up at the sky and just admiring the gorgeous detail. It definitely feels like a great next generation game with flawless co-op and a wonderful outlook.
The soundtrack in the game is also a masterpiece, its orchestral pieces that play just before fights or during them make the player feel very determined to beat everything in their path, adding incredible atmosphere to the experience. Without this music, then I feel that the gameplay would be very dull.

Concerning the multiplayer in the Crucible, It’s very fun to play, and also very difficult depending on your level. It definitely gives you good combat; with warlocks throwing up shields, hunters running around stabbing people and titans, well, charging at the enemy. Yet it feels very simple. The same could be said of almost any FPS multiplayer, but Destiny somehow feels like its lacking the amount of enjoyment that it was made out to be. You can play at any level however I wouldn’t recommend it, I tried playing at level 5 and even with the balanced gameplay and the fact that stats don’t make any difference (I could still kill level 19’s). When you see the higher level players throwing out more complex spells and the fact that they had mastered their class more than myself. I felt very out-classed and bullied, managing to get the few occasional kills but in return dying more than my fair share of times and letting down my team. If I wanted to play more of it, then it would need to wait until higher levels. Although the strike missions are incredibly enjoyable and something that everyone should try, when grouping up with friends or random players to take down large foes, it will bring a massive grin to your face as you all try and battle together. It will also cause the players to do their best when having to work together, and if its going to be like this when raids come out with 6 player fights, then they’re going to be awesome!


Destiny is a very enjoyable game and worth the buy. It provides a visually stunning game with immersive combat that offer’s plenty of variety according to different player styles, with an incredible soundtrack to follow up with the fights. But the game becomes repetitive, and you start to care less for the story as a whole, as you slowly progress through the quests. The Crucible is fun, yet it’s more enjoyable at higher levels when you need a break from the campaign, and when actually playing the main story, its a lot more enjoyable when playing with a group of friends rather than alone. Destiny has definitely done its job it being a great sci-fi game that combined both MMO and FPS elements and what it lacked in a linear story it made up for in gameplay.