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Nintendo just recently released a playable demo of the upcoming Smash bro’s to all 3DS users who can access the nintendo shop wirelessly. You don’t get given a great deal (understandably) as it’s just a small portion of the main release but the joy both myself and my friends recieved on a single map with 5 available characters was huge. Unfortunately for the recent downloaders of the demo they will only get 30 limited plays of the game, which i find really unfortunate as opposed to those who got a 3DS on release date. Although its given plenty of gamers the chance to try the game and decide whether or not to buy it on the 2/3DS or Wii U.
The champions available are; Link, Mario, Pikachu, Villager and Megaman, with each providing a fantastic variety of different and iconic moves with awesome final smashes (you’ll be able to find them all on youtube). However after trying them all, it definitely felt as though Link stood out as the strongest with a very strong upsmash, easy to master, and you could always safely catch a ledge. Pikachu was a ton of fun by dashing around the map, even though his moves felt very weak compared to other champions, its always fun to mash the A button, summon lightening and then power up your B and hopefully¬† hitting the enemies or fly off the map. Then classic Mario was very amusing to play although I never found myself playing him as well as the CPU did. He somehow always managed to block every move before fireballing, grabbing and chucking you off the stage before you realised what was happening.
The 2 unexpected champions were Megaman and Villager, and both had a very interesting playstyle. I adored Megamans final smash, it looked unbelievable, while feeling so satisfying when you land the smash blast. He was definitely someone I want to master in the future final release but at the moment in the demo I really struggled to play him properly as most of his moves required a charge before using them effectively. Then finally there was villager, I absolutely adored playing the different character models (my favourite being the one with pink hair) with such interesting moves that made me unsure of whether to charge at the others or sit back passively and prepare for others to come to you. You also felt incredibly happy playing them as some of your moves caused you to garden, grow a tree or use fireworks. A very cool mechanic of the villager was that you could grab enemies projectiles (like a Megaman sawblade) and pocket it for later use, making them a very complex character to play against.
The items in the game offer an amazing amount of variety. You have the pokeballs from the previous smash bro’s that offer both old and new pokemon such as Snorlax to Gogoat. There’s also the special masterballs which can summon legendaries such as Entei, Kyurem and even Arceus. You can pick up food to lower your damaged health percentage, or items like MarioKart lightning to shrink your enemies, and even the deadly blue shell. Among other items which come from the character’s games. Then you have classic items such as the laser sword, home-run bat and the massive hammer.
The graphics of the game really do push the boundaries of the 3DS, the character animation is smooth, with the frames staying at a constant 60fps. However sometimes there were random lag issues. When playing against a friend when less than 5 meters away from each other even without using the internet all of a sudden our screens began freezing constantly before suddenly crashing and ending the fight. However this is only a demo so it’s understandable when it’s really using all the hardware has to offer.


A fantastic demo to the upcoming game, even with limited plays, characters and 1 map. I am really looking forward to the new game coming out soon and its left me wanting to try all the characters and play it for hours on end. Apart from the small amount you could do and the very rare lag issues. The demo was a tremendous success and has been a treat to play and I will definitely be purchasing the full game on release and plan on putting many hours into it and testing all the new characters, while hoping that the lag has been sorted.