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Alien Isolation is set 15 years after the first Alien film. Within the game you will play as Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley. Soon after beginning the game, you will quickly find yourself alone and panicked, knowing that something is stalking you. Some people may believe that because they know what the creature with you looks like and has acted in previous film it will be any less scary. This is absolutely not the case! You are thrown into the atmospheric underbelly of a ship with absolutely no idea what’s going to happen and unsure about what’s going to happen next. Combined with the manual save feature which can only be found at certain points within the game (and no autosave!) it adds a level of panic. It definitely makes you feel immersed in the original film the best a videogame can do.

I feel compelled to say that naturally the fear factor within the game drives the story. Without it, the game would feel quite lack-luster. If we were to focus on the downsides within the game, it doesn’t so much stem from first-person interactivity, but more on the characters within the game. The graphics are absolutely stunning, yet all the characters look like they’re constantly sweating. I understand that being an engineer and being in an enclosed space on ships would be hot, but the characters always look like they’re soaking wet which isn’t something you always want to see, maybe it adds a sense of realism, but I didn’t always like it and was the first thing I noticed about the character models.

The immersion of the game is very gripping and you naturally always feel chased, with this single creature always after you and you feel very weak in comparison to it (not to mention the other humans alive on the ship). The sounds in the game of the Alien screaming, the noises of the ship, the lighting, it was absolutely perfect and couldn’t have been better. After the disaster of Colonial Marines, Alien Isolation is a fantastic game and one that fans of the franchise have been waiting for. A singular letdown to the crawling through vents, sneaking along corridors and hiding in the dark. Is the fact that you can’t interact with much in the overall game. There’s so much around that looks interactive and apart inventory items (such as batteries) there’s very little that you can pick up or accidentally knock over, it would add more reason to be sneaky and careful.

You will enjoy the caution even though the story within the game feels a little basic, as there isn’t a vast amount which the writers could go on which hasn’t already been explored. Yet the gameplay and fantastic terror involved makes up for everything and won’t stop you from having a great time.


This is a very well made Alien game, it comes with stunning graphics, great gameplay and a lot of immersion while feeling utterly terrified that something’s going to jump out at you, with the lighting and sounds that couldn’t have been nailed better. The storyline was a little basic understandably, but that won’t derive from the fun and scare factor, alongside some issues with the character models but that doesn’t stop them looking great! Definitely an Alien game worth trying.

7.5 / 10