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The Borderlands series has provided endless fun for such a long time. With its crazy characters, multitude of guns and twisted dialogue, the game series has been great from start to finish. As the pre-sequel has just come out (and we find ourselves thrown into the middle of both Borderlands 1 and 2) it takes the game on a whole new spin and focuses on a hired guns story aimed at Handsome Jacks story from hero to murderous psychopath.

To begin this game you need to understand that there is no great change within the game from its predecessors. This time we find ourselves set on the moon, Elpis. This puts a new spin on things as the moon has low gravity, therefore affecting gunplay, jumping, floating (once you have your O2/Oz kit) and everything moves so much more slowly. Which makes matters very interesting and fun, occasionally finding yourself not quite floating far enough and instead plunging into lava or off a cliff. I’m sure that the more experienced FPS players will pull off some amazing midair stunts, especially with a ricochet gun of sorts.
Now the idea of playing an entire game on a dark mono-coloured moon does sound unappealing at first, yet the story and mechanics keep you more than enthralled while the cartooney art style still makes it stand out from any other kind of game. You also need to learn to take into account for your oxygen bar which is always ticking down when out on Elpis’ atmosphere, and once that hits zero your health will start rapidly depleting which can most definitely cause you to panic, the sound of a heartbeat adds excellent tension and can definitely be an issue within a gunfight which can really add to game-play.

Something which I personally loved about the game was that you were thrust into a riveting start where your life was on the line seconds after you’re given control, much like its sibling games. 2K games has a way to draw you into the game immediately, with the combination of meeting Jack, a new CL4P TP (Claptrap) and a hail of bullets, it stops you from taking your eyes away from the screen. Also like its other games you there are a limitless amount of guns randomly generated, and this time you’re given 2 new kinds of guns to play with, cryo and laser. The laser is incredibly fun and when bouncing around on the moon firing off beams at enemies it keeps a grin on your face. The same applies to cryo, freezing enemies and then shattering them into pieces, nothing is more satisfying!

The combat itself is the same psychopathic gun-toting freedom, with swarms of enemies always coming at you, when playing solo you will undoubtedly die many times only to be brought back with a ‘new U’ and a thirst to blast the people who killed you. Whether you’re alone or with a group of friends you will still have a great time, especially when you’re trying to annihilate more foes than your friends. This game is definitely a recommendation to fans of the franchise, unless they’ve become bored of 2 anarchic games and all their DLC, but pre-sequel won’t leave you unsatisfied.

The best part of borderland games is looking forward to all the new classes every time, this time we get to test the Lawbringer, Enforcer, Gladiator and…..  Claptrap! Something to always look forward to is the talent trees and how you can upgrade your skills. My favourite is definitely the Lawbringers ‘Showdown’. For a short period of time your reload speed, damage and fire rate is vastly improved, while you’re also given auto aim, allowing you to fire a volley of bullets for a few seconds while everything around you dies.2014-11-04_00003

Now don’t get me wrong, I have put hundreds of hours into both of its predecessors, and throughout each of the games i’ve had an amazing time, and the pre-sequel is no different. Yet I feel like i’m still playing the same game from the past. It still has its same wackiness which is great and don’t get me wrong I love playing it. But the series itself is beginning to feel a bit burnt out.  Almost as though 2K industries wanted to try and make a trilogy and answer all the questions that we were left at the end of Borderlands 2. I’m also left expecting many DLC’s to come in the next months (which I will definitely play) as BL2 had some incredible DLC (Tiny Tina’s assault on Dragon Keep!!!!!) which will probably be full of Mr Torgue screaming, butt jokes and of course many, many guns.


A fantastic game in its own right, yet it feels as though it could have been a large expansion for Borderlands 2. The game itself is excellent with a good story, great characters, even greater dialogue and naturally tons of guns. Fans of the previous series will probably love it if they haven’t moved on, the location and bonuses of low gravity are very fun but the mechanics don’t feel as though they’ve changed much. Still very enjoyable and great to play with friends or solo but I wouldn’t be shocked if people didn’t play this as much as the other games before.