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When the trailer for ‘Binding of Isaac Rebirth’ came out I felt a mix of dread and happiness. When the original came out followed by ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ I can remember the many, many hours I lost to those randomly generated rooms. The first game was incredibly twisted in its simple yet sublime story, with the game itself still being an RNG (Random Number Generator) dungeon crawler.

Rebirth has brought a bundle of new improvements to the game and given it a renewed start. The graphics have become a lot more colourful and improved, with the new pixel style; the game has been given a nice fresh look. While the game-play has become much more responsive, when trying it on the PS4 I found it much easier and fluid to play with a controller in my hand, although it was very difficult using the analog stick and instead I stuck to the D pad. On both console and PC I found the controls to be very smooth, especially when transitioning between different rooms, and the bugs between shooting and moving that occasionally cropped up in the first have become non-existent. This is a definite enhancement to its predecessor while still providing the same screen-gripping fun. The downside to this is that isn’t a huge amount of change to the game overall, the mechanics are still very much the same as the first, and it’s still a matter of bullet-dodging and firing as much as you can.

Rebirth does provide us with the old character’s which could be unlocked in the first such as Samson and Eve. But with the addition of 3 new playable characters which are called Eden, Lazarus and Azazel. These 3 definitely give a new spin on the game e.g. Eden begins the game with randomized stats and 2 items, this could make runs very interesting because once the game starts you could be very lucky with extra damage or struggle with 1 heart.

The enemies in the game have become a lot more diverse (25 additional monster types have been added), which can lead to your downfall very early on if you’re not careful enough. After speaking to a variety of people who have been playing ‘Rebirth’ they have found some fantastic item combo’s and after hours of game-play they were still coming across objects that they had never heard of before, all the positives of the original are still there, and with the addition of 150+ new trinkets, familiars, items and 16+ new bosses, but yet again, it still feels like a fine-tuned improved version of the first. The game still has the Devil, Angel and Secret rooms, which can still allow fun bonuses/hindrances within runs, but the secret rooms are so much harder to guess now since the area sizes can vary adding a lot of fun to game-play.


The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is an incredible indie game in its own right, it will give you hours of entertainment if you’re into dungeon crawlers and even if you’re not you will probably become addicted to it. If you’re unsure about buying the second I would recommend trying out the first for a much cheaper price (as Rebirth is available for £10.99 / $15). Rebirth brings new interest to long term fans of the game while providing a bunch of new items, a new graphics theme, and flowing mechanics. The game doesn’t change much from the original, but it’s still incredibly entertaining and will give you a brand new experience every single time. You would need to put a huge amount of time into the game before you become bored.