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When asked to review this, my jaw just hit the ground as I had no idea where to begin when thinking about this game. Earlier this year (1st April) Coffee Stain Studios (CSS) released Goat Simulator, a game where you could finally live out your fantasies of eating grass, head-butting everything, becoming a goat king / demon, while being the most indestructible thing on the planet. All for the sake of racking up points by doing the craziest and most bizarre things the game could offer you.


As a polished game, it was terrible. It was full of bugs, glitches and so many issues concerning the graphics and screen tearing. That being said, you couldn’t help but laugh yourself silly while wondering what on earth was going on. Somehow you could attach yourself to a car, and slingshot yourself into the unknown, or blow up a gas station. The game itself was completely insane, and people would say downright stupid (although they wouldn’t be totally wrong) as players had no aims whatsoever apart from going off to destroy everything their little earth could offer. The game if anything felt like a joke, but one that so many people adored and enjoyed. CSS provided an explosive, unique game unlike anything (which they promised) and it proved highly successful, even if it only took about 30 minutes to do everything possible and kill basically everyone.

There’s no denying that as a physics engine, Goat Simulator is able to test its boundaries like nothing before. When people get distorted, thrown, blown up, cut through buildings it shows a level of testing like none before. While GS has been bought by over a million people at this point, and by thousands of others on mobile devices. Its buggy and crazy engine has been pushed to the limits like none before. While the game is also easy to mod this allows gamers to add more things to blow up or charge at (and then proceed to be dragged across tarmac).


Is this game a 10/10 because of how well it did? Its uniqueness? Its ingenuity?
Well The game itself has become more popular and enjoyed than it really has a right to be, but for some reason players can’t help but have fun and laugh at the craziness that is goat simulator, and now it has an MMO addition. With patch 1.2, CSS has now blessed this wonderful game with a free multiplayer online expansion.


This strange addition has now added a mix of different classes, these range from; Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Magician AND!!!!!!!!!!!!! Microwave..
There’s something wonderful about watching a microwave run around on two legs and throwing itself at enemies to kill them. As for the expansion itself it still provides the same level of entertainment as version 1/1.1 except you now have a level cap of 101 and even quests to complete, so you can now give your goat the life of a hero that it’s always deserved. You’re also given a wider area to go explore and destroy, no-one’s going to be mad at the hero for killing people and destroying houses right? Naturally the game still has its glitches, but nobody cares about those when you can set fire to civilians. GS was never meant to be serious, and as an MMO it can take itself even less seriously while still keeping players enthralled. (Below is the game-play trailer)



Goat Simulator has provided hours of wacky entertainment unlike any other game. It has its glitches and problems and is far from a complete game. Yet it still manages to keep players having a great time and enjoy every minute of it. The MMO expansion has allowed for a bit more versatility and freedom, keeping the game-play fresh and very much enjoyable. The quests are enjoyable and silly and keep you from getting bored, and even then you could go running around as a microwave for half an hour to keep yourself happy. At £6.99 ($10.99) this is definitely a worthwhile pickup even if you only end up playing it for a few hours, it’s worth every penny.