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Released on November 2014. Created by Grynsoft.

This game will drive you absolutely insane at the difficulty it comes at. Although if you’re the kind of gamer who loves to tear their hair out and play a game which requires an insane amount of skill then this is for you. This challenging 2D platformer has you playing as the angel Vi. Accidentally with your friend Ruby you managed to free the demon Jeh’oul (after severelly angering him) and bring destruction upon your world and it’s up to you to stop it!


The mechanics of this game are very basic, starting with arrow keys and jumping, however as each boss is beaten you will gain another skill (such as double jump, ranged attack or flutter which allows you to temporarily hover. With these skills you will need to battle and manoeuvre over the terrain of the game, which changes with each area section. These areas are usually riddled with spikes and moving objects that will eat you or instantly kill you and turn you into fairy dust. As infuriating as the game is, and you will undoubtedly die hundreds (potentially thousands) of times. The game itself is repetitive in such a good way, with the colourful graphics and backgrounds, as well as the soundtrack, you can continually focus on the game while enjoying it to a great extent (while trying not to get angry at the one enemy or floating spike that always gets you). The health system itself isn’t very complex, but anything higher than angel (easy) difficulty and traps will take off 35 health off your 100 health maximum.


The creatures and monsters that you fight in the game range from small jumping / flying creatures, to ones that chuck rocks at you, or just charge at you. Each of these creatures implemented with the environment provide you with a great challenge to dodge and defeat before you can move on. If you fail to beat them then they will usually continue attacking you or follow you until they’re defeated. The bosses themselves are very well designed and have very complex attack patterns that each require a lot of learning and skill to defeat and beat. Every time you face the bosses you will get to see how many times it’s taken you to beat them (if you have death counter ON). However with plenty of practice you will eventually be able to get past whatever you’re stuck on. I can’t explain the sense of satisfaction you get from beating a certain area / boss that you’ve spent hours constantly and repeatedly doing.


(Above is the start of a boss fight, you can see how many times I’ve died already!)

Character customisation on this game is simply fantastic, you can have so many different customisations that makes Vi feel completely your own. These accessories are given to you after either defeating bosses, achievements or finding hidden golden chests hidden around the game. I personally love the choice of having a little pet follow you around the game (I have a small, sleepy bunny which is adorable). I have to say the game itself may appear as feminine at a first glance, with its old fashioned 90’s pixel graphics which are full of vibrant colours alongside the fluffy pets and anime angel faces (not to mention very bouncy boobs). Yet it’s most definitely appealing to gamers who can look past the exterior and see the grinding and difficult gameplay underneath. Even the best players are going to die and get frustrated while crying into a bucket of ice-cream.



Wings of Vi is a very fun 2D sidescroller with a good story and great gameplay, pushing player skill to the maximum. With some old-school graphics and calming background music it can keep you calm as you repeatedly fly and jump your way through death-trap filled levels. You won’t notice the hours pass by as you grind your way to the end of the game. The game itself however is quite infuriating while also being quite expensive at £10.99 / $14.99. But if you’re determined enough to finish it then it’s worth the money, if you’re unsure I’d recommend waiting until there’s a sale.