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Ubisoft weekend sale

For the next few days Ubisoft are having one of their big deals so I’m going to do some quick reviews on some of them I think are worth looking at if you’ve not played them yet.


WatchDogs has a fantastic storyline while bringing a cool, innovative idea where you control the world all at the touch of a mobile phone. the games mechanics are easy to get used to with some fast paced combat, especially when your phone powers can adapt the battlefield to work with your favour. The open world has great graphics and feels like a personal playground, while multiplayer is unique when you hack other players for money and experience. Not as revolutionary as people hoped it would be but it’s definitely polished and a fun to play.

8.5 / 10                           50% off RRP for everything for WatchDogs
£11.99 regular edition, £15.99 deluxe edition, £18.71 all DLC (inc Season Pass)


Farcry 3, Farcry Blood Dragon, Farcry 4
All 3 open world FPS’ grip you from the very beginning and offer their own great campaigns which are lengthy and enjoyable. You get the same level of freedom in the games like that of a Just Cause game. You have to put a lot of time into them for full completion but there’s plenty to explore, with each offering beautiful graphic worlds that you can fully immerse yourself in, with fast travel allowing you to get around and explore. The AI in all 3 is on point, ranging from tigers and rhinos in FC3/4 to T rex’s in Blood Dragon. While FC3 and 4 provide great forest scenery and gun-toting awesome, BD offers lasers and dragons with a ton of flashing neon lights, plus you swear at everything you kill while sticking your middle finger at monsters(and i mean literally, go and press the F button), but it’s slightly shorter. They all have their bugs and glitches but that adds to the insanity.
Farcry 3 = 8/10,     £3.74 (75% off)
Farcry 3 Blood Dragon = 8.5/10,     £2.99 (75% off)
Farcry 4 = 8/10,     £26.99 (40% off), GOLD edition £41.99
Farcry Franchise Pack 2015(FC1, 2, 3, BD, 4) £38.39 (60% off, £95.99 RRP)


Assassins Creed Franchise (Revelations, 3, Black Flag, Unity, Rogue)
Each Assassins creed game has brought its own new maps, abilities and weaponry. Although it’s a great game that had a fantastic start which made you feel like a proper assassin where you followed your own guidelines, but deep down there’s a dark conspiracy. The series is actually fun and each game has adapted its own style. Unfortunately AC has fallen out of touch over time, losing its ‘main story’ outside of the animus and now it seems that it’s being pumped out too frequently without proper testing.

The graphics of the game do constantly improve and remain to be stunning, but when Unity came out it was just full of issues and problems which caused outcry and a lot of upset. AC combat is very smooth with a good counter system and some awesome assassination mechanics. The AI can be a bit silly sometimes and you will sometimes just drop through the ground for no reason. The Naval combat in the series after AC3 was absolutely fantastic, you will take such care of your ship and upgrade it to your style, then enjoy sailing with your crew to go against brigands and bigger ships. When new environments are put into the game they are immersive and fun. With hundreds of hours of content, the games are fun it just depends on the time you’re willing to put in.
AC Series overall rating = 7/10
AC Revelations (75% off) Standard £3.74, Gold edition £4.74
AC3 (75% off all) Standard £3.74, Deluxe edition £7.49, all DLC £14.71
AC Black Flag (50% off) Standard £7.99, Deluxe edition £11.99
AC Unity (40% off) £26.99, Unity & Rogue bundle(27% off) £62.04

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Trials Fusion
Riding a motorbike has never been so fun, the Trials games offer tons of stuff to do with plenty of levels to play. There’s a lot of different bikes to pick from and use, ranging from bmx bikes to race bikes. The game comes some great mechanics that take a lot of learning, and you will fail and crash multiple times, each funnier than the last. With a few bugs where you get trapped in the wall after your bikes exploded, or you get stuck in the ground after a drop. Plenty of challenges will test your abilities in this game and while frustrating it also makes you more determined. Great graphic visuals with lots of colour and awesome environments in the background. You will lose yourself in this game with hours of pleasure.
Trials Fusion (60% off) Standard £6.39, Deluxe edition £12.79