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“War never changes”

The Fallout games have always been iconic franchise in the gaming community and to this day continue to be played by many for the apocalyptic feel and enjoyment that very few other games have been able to capture in the same sense.

Bethesda Game Studios’ has been all that people can talk about over the last few days due to the surprise reveal of a countdown on Bethesda’s website with the message “Please Stand By” alongside a 24 hour countdown which has led to the announcement of Fallout 4’s teaser trailer, and I doubt anyone was disappointed.

The trailer begins within a bombed house with a dog wandering around it, though the house keeps passing back and forth between how it looked pre and post apocalypse, while in the background the radio swaps between music (by The Ink Spots ‘Its All Over But The Crying’) and announcements with the world “Poised on the brink of war” before cutting off and returning to “folks, er, it seems we’ve got some breaking news..”
This set a very cutting edge tone for the entire trailer and gave me flashbacks to the excitement gained just by seeing the Fallout 3 trailer with the music “I Don’t Want To Set The World on Fire” by the same group, which already built up the anticipation.


We further explore the house before heading outside with the dog who sprints down a long, destroyed street which changes to its pre-war version with people running around in panic with Vault-Tech radio reporting “We do have coming in, confirmed reports of, nuclear detonation!”
This hints to us that we’ll potentially get to explore life before the war and play as someone before they enter a vault or even just so we get to see how the apocalypse began and led the world to the chaos it has become.


It has been confirmed that Fallout 4 will be taking place in the Commonwealth around the city of Boston, with Diamond City being built around Bostons largest stadium, as well as the Bunker Hill Monument , Scollay Square, Olympia Theatre and the Massachusetts State house, with an additional mention to the USS Constitution which has crashed after a rocket voyage. Additionally Armoured Zeppelins will appear around the game as well as travel in the new Vertibird used by the Brotherhood of Steel and possibly controlled by the Zeppelins .


New and old enemies appear to be shown in the trailer including the dreaded Deathclaws and what looks like a newer version of rabid ghouls, alongside different versions of the same robots, androids and cambots  from both Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Naturally new weapons will also be introduced into the game and we get a glimpse at a rifle sitting by a bench in the trailer alongside T-45D power armour which notes that there may be power armour customisation within the game.


The Protagonist of the game appears to be an inhabitant whose come from vault 111, as we get to see the vault opening alongside a player crawling out of it.
As the dog goes up to the man we do also get to hear a voice from him, which begs the question whether there will be character customisation such as age, ethnicity, race? Especially as the man shown is around his 30s with a much more fitting version of the original vault armour. Maybe we finally get the first voiced protagonist of the game with a pre-assigned male and female voice. In addition it seems the Pitboy-3000 will also continue to be the characters Menu and UI system which I have no problem with as I loved messing with my Pitboy.


Overall this game has been an incredibly long wait for those who’re long time lovers of the fallout franchise and that this teaser will quench that first for just a little bit longer, if you wish the game can be pre-ordered now for £49.99 and is also available on steam. The game will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.