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(WARNING – Article contains mentions of suicide, additionally spoilers) title After the train ride of emotions that was Episode 2, I was quite worried about how Episode 3 would be, how the story would continue and most importantly what was going to happen to Max and her life. I was surrounded by people ‘pretending’ about how much they cared for Kate when previously they’d all back-stabbed her. Although it was good to see the weight of the events and how it would bring the characters closer together and making them more likeable. We finally managed to see a different side to this world that made everything feel more ‘human’. Even with the ability to rewind time and the upcoming destruction of Arcadia Bay, and Max’s increasingly unstable powers, everyone had heard of Kate’s death within my game with a mixture of condolences or complaints, it was especially nice reading the texts and computer messages offering the player sympathy. fasg Episode 3 had the perfect atmosphere after its predecessors traumatic events, giving us a breather and allowing us to bond with Chloe even more, before ending with something equally as powerful that had me sitting in my chair in shock, and in anticipation for Episode 4, believing I had ruined absolutely everything. DontNod have really decided to drag players through a multitude of different emotions that’s had me crying over what to do next. I believe that DontNod wanted to see how far they could push both the player and Max Caulfields powers, potentially reaching the limits of what it’s able to do, or maybe it’s a hint to how we might be able to save everyone from the coming tornado (also people make a lot of lighthearted jokes in the game about the upcoming destruction, I felt this distracted from the seriousness of the event and relaxed the gameplay). etf The dialogue of the game has remained the same throughout, with the constant abuse of time-rewinding in order to achieve information from characters and use it to your advantage. However I’m beginning to overlook the style of writing and way people talk as it feels as though Life is Strange is taking on its own personality and showing the world its potential and its effectiveness at bringing out the humanity of people (including the vile Victoria Chase). In this episode I didn’t feel as though I had a lot of power within the games choices and no matter what I did it would have ended the same way which left me a little upset, however the few important ones available did make you question if you could ultimately do anything about the destruction to come, and if siding with certain characters would even make a difference. faf We experienced similar puzzles to Episode 2 where we got to make a device to break into the principles office. However this time it allowed us to go into a greater level of exploration, such as going around Blackwell Academy at night (some scenes the game was so dark I struggled to see what I was actually doing). Yet it felt like these were more for us to hear Max’s thoughts on everything which had happened and fill the gaps in our knowledge about certain people (such as Rachel and Nathan) and their personalities as well as their effect on the community as a whole. Many people seemed to be against Rachel except Chloe who remains desperate to find her, yet i’m getting increasingly worried that she may be dead. ghserdhhgersd We do learn that Max has  the ability to travel incredibly far back in time after reminiscing over a past photo and how things could have been very different. This ultimately has a butterfly effect and how making the slightest change to the past can have a massive impact on the future, even larger than Episode 2’s consequences. This changes absolutely everything and as you progressed through the episode thinking the worst had happened it only got darker and more disturbed. It’s left me worried about what else could be changed in Episode 4 where I presume more has changed than it let on in its last minutes… fweaqfg Overall Chaos Theory didn’t offer many game changing moral choices, but I don’t believe it mattered here, we needed to relax from the harsh consequences from before. Max’s powers are taking an increasing and worrying turn where the world around her becomes shaped differently which is only her fault! DontNod is offering larger dilemmas every Episode which has me bracing myself for Episode 4, as well as contemplating what it would be like if you had this power. Would you try and turn back time to save someone even if it meant changing everything? Would you be ready for the unexpected? Life is indeed strange and the storytelling is only getting more powerful with every episode. 8.5/10